Friday, September 9, 2011

1st day of School

I'm just as shocked as you are. It really is a blog post. Apparently, I feel it is important to document the 1st day of school...LOL (as opposed to all that has happened in the last 9 months)? So maybe it's just time! I'll share all that has gone on with us (little bit of sad, lots of happy, and more big changes), but for now, it's all about starting school! So here are my sweet girls on their 1st day of school: Kassie is in the 4th grade
Amberlee in 2nd grade
Emma is now in Kindergarten
and Laicee is in her last year of pre-school

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Here it is in a nutshell...a glimpse into our life for the past few months! So forgive this trip down memory lane, but if it doesn't get recorded, you know it never will!!! I honestly think my personal journal is the same way..."I haven't written for a while so here's a little synopsis of the last month (or like 3 years)"!!! Apparently, that's how we (I) roll around here! If you only knew how many things I've really missed blogging/journaling about!

The first day of school (yes, really!):
Here are all my cuties on their first day of school way back in September. Kassie is in 3rd grade, Amberlee is in 1st grade, and Emma and Laicee are going to pre-school three days a week! I've really enjoyed sitting in my quiet house for couple hours every week...Ooh, and Kev and I get to have lunch dates!

Emma and Laicee also started taking a dance class together. It's so fun to get them in their little leotards and watch them twirl and dance.

And then we celebrated Laicee's 3rd birthday! She had so much fun with all her cards, balloons, and presents! I really can't believe our youngest is now 3!

For Halloween we had a disco diva, a Japanese girl, super-girl, and little red riding hood join us for a few days! I love how each of their personalities showed in the costumes this year. These girls totally crack up me!

Apparently, Kev figured that if I could run a 1/2 marathon, he could as well! We cheered him on in Indianapolis where he came in under the time he was shooting for! It was so fun watching and cheering for him! He is now starting to train for a FULL marathon over memorial day weekend in May!

The girls caught a little bit of the running bug and joined him in the frosty 5k! Kassie and Amberlee were so excited about their medals!
And there it is in a huge nutshell. Now, if I can blog about Christmas before Valentine's Day...I'll be feeling pretty good...almost.