Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Addition

This is a HUGE bridge for us to cross---we got a dog! The girls have been asking for years if we could get one and their little wish finally came true. Kevin's Aunt Connie (in Utah) found a little morkie for us. Luckily, a friend was traveling to Utah and was willing to bring *Lilly* back with her! We kept it a surprise for as long as we could and the night before she came, we told them the news and took them shopping for all of Lilly's things. They were SO excited and could hardly wait until the next day to meet her.

Coming Home.

The only person who wasn't as thrilled was Laicee. She cried and cried for the first 24 hours and ate with her feet up on the table (she gonna eat mine feet). Gratefully, she is now loving Lilly just as much as the others!

...she no longer eats with her feet on the table. Apparently the threat of Lilly eating her feet is gone :)