Sunday, June 13, 2010


The past 6 weeks have been crazy with the girls finishing their many sports and activities...and here is a glimpse into that!
Emma's dance recital
Emma LOVED her dance class and was SO cute in her little dance recital! She loved wearing make-up and getting all dressed up in her ballerina costumes! She's also very excited that Laicee will be in the class with her next year.
Miss Kassandra Ann had her dance recital a couple weeks later! I love watching her perform. She just loves being on stage---I can't wait to see where that love takes her :)!
Kass also started piano lessons. She had only a month of lessons when her teacher asked if she'd like to be in the recital. And sweet Kassie was more than excited to perform once again! She did great---totally rocked out Old McDonald's Farm!!!
And yesterday was the end of spring soccer! I've never seen Kass play so hard and was awesome!!!
Emma and her BFF were so cute to watch. They'd kick the ball every so often, but it seemed like they were more concerned about giggling and running around together than actually's all about the snacks anyway!!!
And now summer has started! It's great not having a huge schedule. The girls have each signed up for a week long camp---and there will be fun pictures to post soon. We'll also be heading to Southern California for a family reunion...and we are all SO excited!!!
I ♥ summer!!!