Sunday, April 25, 2010


I knew there was a reason I married Kevin 10 years ago. Among a huge list of greatness...I knew he would forever surprise me with incredible things!!!
We celebrated our 10th anniversary this past weekend and Kev took me to a bed and breakfast that overlooked Lake Huron! Here is a shot of our was gorgeous...and the view was incredible! That's not all...we also got our own private hot tub, on our own private deck, overlooking the lake. It was so relaxing to listen to the waves and watch the stars. Here is our view from the hot tub. And this is what we woke-up to...a spectacular sunrise that we could just lay in bed and watch. This picture is taken from our bedroom window.
So Thank you, THANK YOU sweet husband of mine. You knew that a couple nights away is just what I needed and are amazing and I'm so grateful for all that we have shared and experienced for the past 10 years...and I look excitedly forward to decades and decades and eternity more!
And thank you, THANK YOU sweet friends of mine who took in my little girls so I could enjoy all of this for a little while! The girls all loved their slumber parties and thoroughly enjoyed your homes! I owe you all :)

So, here are My top 10 Favorite memories of the past 10 years:

1. Walking into our first Japanese home for the 1st time...all 400 sq. feet of it!

2. Hiking Mt. Fuji and Mt. Timp

3. Living in for 5 years, experiencing, and leaving Japan

4. The birth of our 4 daughters...with failed epidural each time!

5. Sitting on the floor in our empty Japanese townhouse, checking the email one last time, getting accepted to Tepper for MBA school... and off to Pittsburgh!

6. One week camping and hiking trip to the Grand Tetons--while I was 6 months pregnant!

7. Job searching--Job searching--and more Job searching!

8. Buying, building, and moving into our first home for our family!

9. All of our family vacationing experiences!

10. Every little small moment that adds up to so much happiness!