Sunday, July 26, 2009

Something special for each...

1. Kassie turned 7 years old on July 12th and for her birthday she wanted to get her ears pierced! After a couple weeks of debate, we decided to surprise her with a trip to the mall to get it done. She was so excited and nervous but she put on a brave face and entered into this rite of passage!
2. I am jealous of Amberlee's hair. It's long, silky, thick and beautiful. It obviously does not come from me. She has been asking for months to get it cut...not just trimmed...she's wanted it super short. I finally relented this week and took her (and all the girls) in for a hair cut. Little did I know that Amberlee had enough to donate to Locks of Love! She was so excited that she could help kids who didn't have any hair. And yes, I did tear up and cry a little...but it really was so sweet to see her be so excited about helping other kids (ok, and I was a little sad to see all that beautiful hair be chopped off)!
3. Emma, my 3 1/2 year old party animal, decided that she was old enough to ride a 2 wheel bike without training wheels! She asked Kev to take them off and viola...within minutes she was riding like a pro! My kids definitely do not get their balance from me! It's so funny to watch this little cutie riding down the street!

4. Is it illegal to lock a child into a crib? I would love to make a crib top that you can lock each night! Laicee can now climb out of her crib! This is what we found last cute!!!