Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Love Dance Recitals!

Amberlee had her first dance recital yesterday and it was adorable! She, by nature, really does not like performing in front of people (she still has yet to give the prayer/scripture/talk in primary and ends up in tears every time) the fact that she was up on stage was amazing to me. It was so fun dressing her up in make-up and her little costumes! We had so much fun!

Amberlee and one of her best friends. They have had so much fun taking this class together!

Amberlee was SO excited when her pre-school teacher came to watch her!

And here's a little snippet of one of her dances! She really does smile when she dances...just not in front of everyone...and notice how she's the first one to run off the stage...totally cute and funny!