Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Emma!!!

We have a tradition of decorating the house after the birthday girl goes to when they wake up we can tape them coming downstairs with eyes full of excitement while exclaiming..."It's my birthday!!!" True to Emma's character, she slipped out of our room and ran downstairs to see all her balloons without us capturing a dang thing!!! Happy Birthday to our bright little Emma!!!
Emma was born in 2005 when the Steelers won the last Superbowl...with a terrible towel in her bassinet! The maternity ward was one big tailgate party!!! It was so fun!!! I think I should have clued in at that point that we were welcoming a little party animal into our family!
Emma brings a huge ray of brightness and excitement to our home. When she was a little baby, her Grandpa Bregg gave her the nickname "Sunbeam"! She loves life, is always smiling, and is the most energetic girl I've ever seen. She is beyond curious and is always exploring everything...which unfortunately results in the worst messes to clean up! She is the most nurturing person. She's always trying to help her little sister and her favorite thing in life is her dolly!!! She has NO volume control and she thinks everything is stinkin' hysterical!
I asked Kevin a while ago to tell me one word that describes Emma. He replied, "!"...yes, an exclamation point! She does everything with emphasis. Everything from the way she walks to the way she hugs (so tight you can't breathe), and the way she tells you get off the carpet because no food is allowed on the carpet ( volume control)!!! She cracks us up all the time!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Emma!!! We love you so much!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kicking and Screaming

Poor Amberlee bumped her mouth a little while ago (embarrassing mom confession...I have NO idea when it happened!), and her front tooth has progressively begun to die. When I took her for her check-up before Christmas, our dentist said the tooth had to come out! So today, I had to literally lay across her kicking legs and hold yelling/screaming Amberlee down while they gave her the numbing shot. You should have seen the looks of everyone once they opened the door!!! It actually made me laugh a little! How often do you really hear someone yelling while you're in the waiting room??? She really did try to be very brave, and was so happy that it was finally over! I think she only finds comfort in knowing that the tooth fairy will come tonight!!! Here are her before and after pictures! She's been having fun showing off her missing tooth to her little sisters and I keep finding her looking at herself in the mirror!!!